Anyone got some good stuff they wanna throw out there? Im really jammin to some Streetlight Manifesto and Mustard Plug i picked up, but im gonna need some new jams soon and this sounds way to good to let get old fast. gimme some new skankin material plox
Ska! Yaaaaaaa!

…There’s a silver lining, though: All Day at least lives up the curse of a developing ska band. While a soul-ska amalgam is nothing revolutionary by any means — particularly for The Pietasters who were doing it a decade ago — All Day straddles the line between soul and ska, wavering between funky Motown-esque numbers, downbeat soul-shouter ska tunes and tracks that dip their toes in both styles. All Day doesn’t have the feel of an album trying to point out the obvious links between the two genres, or even an attempt to solidify a hybrid of the two. It’s an effort that proves, once and for all, that ska and soul are closer together on the musical tree than most people think.

The Pietasters don’t further expand the soul-ska sound they helped invent as much as they work to perfect it on this one. Amid smooth washes of brass, "Change My Ways" and "Keep On Lyin’" are the best ’60s soul numbers ever set to wax since the turn of the millennium, and "Dream of You," with its mildly lo-fi production and slow-jerk rhythms, sounds like The Pietasters also mastered the art of channeling Kingston’s Studio One alongside Detroit’s Studio A. When the band chucks authenticity to the wind, All Day really hits its stride. "Late Night Call" somehow grafts brass arrangements dripping with pure soul to a rocksteady rhythm section without cross-contaminating either style. "Listen to Her Heart" puts classic off-beat guitars on top of a bass line that’d be more comfortable backing Smokey Robinson than Desmond Dekker, and it works.
The Pietasters have earned a very dubious distinction: The top-shelf ska/rocksteady act that’s overlooked by nearly everyone. It’s hell on the band’s career track, but great for your ears.
– by Matt Schild…aversion.com

They don’t have any of the lyrics on-line yet, because the album was just released a year ago in August of 2007. So I thought I might give a quote from a sticker on the promotional CD I bought for $1.95 at Rasputin’s:

"We may not be rich but we can claim some amazing experiences," says the Pietasters vocalist, Stephen Jackson. It’s that experience, combined with a commitment to expand beyond their humble beginnings as a ska band which are at the foundation of All Day, their first album of new material in 5 years. Produced by James Brown’s trusted sound engineer Todd Harris. All Day finds the band capturing their most raw and soulful sound to date with an authentic mix of reggae, soul, ska, and garage. [from sticker on promo CD]

There are several really great songs on this CD, especially the catchy tune, Don’t Wanna Know. It has an original sound to it like it was produced in the late 60’s but with top-rate sound equipment. This album is a must to listen to; so don’t put it too far down on your list of tapes to get and hear!
I got "Fozzy (part 1)" on by the Pietasters from the album, All Day. Here’s a great video by them, "Out all night," which isn’t on that album, but I’m watching the video to:

Edit: This link is no longer working. I gotta find another one.

The video is also very well choreograped, interesting, and has a good brr-ass section too.

Better pull your leg-warmers up and put the top down. Heat it up; ’cause it also rocks!
The Expendables!!!!!11

Check’em out:

Their self titled cd is badass
Def will do on the Expendables.

Also i wanna thank QuickHit again, picked up Willis by the Pietasters as well, most def badass
The Slackers, Spring Heeled Jack, and Whole Wheat Bread are all pretty good. Not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for. (theres always the obvios less than jake and reel big fish)
Slightly Stoopid’s got some really good chill/reggae songs with brass thrown in. You should check them out.
Ska is my favorite music right now.

1. Mighty Mighty Bosstones
2.Reel Big Fish
3. The Toasters
5.(Early) No Doubt
6. Save Ferris
7.Guns of Navarone

And you already know about mustard plug and streetlight manifesto

If you like a more punk sound go with operation ivy