Where are my EBM/industrial fans at??

Post your favorite industrial and/or EBM acts here! I am curious how many there are on OT.
I like Nine Inch Nails, Ministry…and old Fear Factory.
Crossbreed used to be awesome. Sample from their new album indicate to me that it will suck.
I’m not super into industrial but I’ve dated enough goth chicks to know my way around. the only stuff I ever really got into was mostly agrotech and martial industrial

some Martial Industrial

god I love this music video if Freddy Mercury and Saddam Hussein had a love child in a Slovenian mining town…

Wumpscut: reminds me of 90’s goth chicks lol

Das Ich

something not in german for a change

another classic

SEE YOU IN HELL!!!!!!!!!

more martial industrial

lol nazi’s are rivit
wumpscut and laibach! tyte. I dont know if I can say I miss those days, but I sure remember them.

mentallo & the fixer, haujobb
ALMOST anything cleopatra records of the early 90’s..