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Anyone got some good stuff they wanna throw out there? Im really jammin to some Streetlight Manifesto and Mustard Plug i picked up, but im gonna need some new jams soon and this sounds way to good to let get old fast. gimme some new skankin material plox
Ska! Yaaaaaaa!

…There’s a silver lining, though: All Day at least lives up the curse of a developing ska band. While a soul-ska amalgam is nothing revolutionary by any means — particularly for The Pietasters who were doing it a decade ago — All Day straddles the line between soul and ska, wavering between funky Motown-esque numbers, downbeat soul-shouter ska tunes and tracks that dip their toes in both styles. All Day doesn’t have the feel of an album trying to point out the obvious links between the two genres, or even an attempt to solidify a hybrid of the two. It’s an effort that proves, once and for all, that ska and soul are closer together on the musical tree than most people think.
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slightly stoopid

there are only a few bands i can listen to for years and not get tired of them, and good lord this is certainly one of them

even if you don’t smoke weed this music puts sublime/pepper/rebolution to shame.

favorite songs? i’ll list mine when i get home
Slightly Stoopid sucks, they are one of the few bands I can’t stand to hear. I’ve known of them for a few years now and every time I hear them I get pissed off.

Seriously dude, how can you even think they are better than Sublime?! Sublime was an awesome, talented band, with heaps of soul and emotion. Slightly Stoopid is just a watered down, sugar coated, shitty attempt to emulate Sublime’s style and technique.
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What was your last/next concert?

last show i went to was Queens of the Stone Age and it fucking rocked hard.

tonight i’m going to see TOOL. apparently vancouver might get to hear a NEW song, but that’s so highly unlikely. it’s probably going to be a 20 second bit of noise that will make it onto the next album and nobody will know what the fuck their hearing.

wat aboot you?
My last concert i went to was a Free Joan Jett concert in downtown Raleigh last summer unless you count DJ Icey who was just in Raleigh the 23rd of June, which was SICK but not really a concert.
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