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Anyone still use Limewire?

I have a computer specifically for downloading music and burning CD’s. Its an older comp, a four year old Dell and I use Limewire to download music. I have this computer specifically because I could give a fuck less if I happen to download any virus’s, its sole purpose is to download music and burn CD’s.

Alright. So, within the past month I’ve been noticing that whenever I open up limewire and start to search for music, I get no hits. Nothing. Not even the fake ass "Hot deals blah blah blah" ones. I mean, I get nothing. The program does its search, and nothing.
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Across the Universe Deluxe OST V 2hiddentracks? help me out OT

So i ‘obtained’ a flac of this OST (awesome btw) and the tracklisting apparently only has 29 tracks (i checked on multiple websites)….

but i have 31? i have "Why dont we do it in the road" by Dana Fuchs(shebjanisjoplin) & "I want you(shes so heavy)" by Joe Anderson,Dana Fuchs,T.V. Carpio ie Max Mcvietcongkiller,JanisJoplin,LesbiAsian.

so ot.. can you help me figure out where these two tracks appear in the movie?!?