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Metal Crew: What Do You Know About Grind?

Basically wanted to expand my grindcore collection, and real metal crew on here has never failed me before, even though grind isn’t really metal…but whatever, that’s just splitting hairs, and I’ve gotten good recommendations from you guys in the past on other genres. Bands I already listen to and like are:

Agoraphobic Nosebleed
Anal Cunt
Bad Acid Trip
Brutal Truth (First album was my favorite)
Carcass (First album)
Cephalic Carnage (Early stuff was especially grindy)
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Classic Rock Radio

I think it was the start of what we, back in the day called progressive rock.

You must have played this 1974 song a lot.

Came back to the thread, saw the words David Essex Rock On, got all teary eyed and covered with goose bumps. Listened to the whole song. By the end I was crying in my beer wondering where time has gone. Thanks for the memories, I think.
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