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fucking GWAR and LoG

Just got back from seeing them in concert tonight (well thursday night ) and it was FUCKING EPIC!! Front row for GWAR was so much fun. They even had Michael Jackson out on stage . Wasn’t a huge fan of GWAR, but after tonight.. They go in my book for fucking amazing show!!
and Lamb of God was amazing as well. Randy had our crowd hype as shit. I even moshed. Mainly during GWAR.. but i threw a few hits during Log.
yea i think their shows are the only reason anyone likes them

Hell yea. I wasn’t a big fan of them . but after that show I’ll always be a fan
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Michael Jackson- your opinion is important!!

Hi guys,
I’m Inka from Germany and I write a skilled work about Michael Jackson in my English lessons. Therefore I would like to ask you to fill in the following opinion poll and post it below.
Your support can help me to go on in my work and I would be very happy to get a lot of answers! Thank you!!!

Yours sincerely Inka

opinion poll

1) How old are you?

2) Would you name yourself a fan of Michael Jackson?
a) yes
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90s power pop

If I feel a little playful, I’ll slap this disc on in a heartbeat.

The Interpreters…get kicks like these: drummer Branko Jakominich’s hydro-Keith Moon tempo tantrums; the snapped-neck effect of Patsy Palladino’s seesaw guitar seizures; bassist Herschel Gaer’s bratty vocal cool; and the other two’s reform-school-choir background yelps. There isn’t much going on in terms of tonal color or deep emotional theater in either "Dogskin Report" or "She Took It Shy." But at 1:07 and 1:43 respectively, everything that does happen in those songs – breakneck power-trio clatter, lusty rah-rah chorales – happens all at once, with racing-heartbeat zest and military concision.
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Thoughts on Michael Jackson

Am I the only one who never thought of Michael Jackson as ugly or revolting? I’ve never looked at his face and drawn back. Sure, I’ve never met someone who made the transition from black to white and cherished an addiction to plastic surgery, but c’mon. The guy looked damn good on stage, with his angular frame and general uniqueness. He was an amazing sight to behold.

I think if he’d looked "average" he wouldn’t have been quite as revered and successful, imo.

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