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Lupe Fiasco

I won’t lie, I heard his song Superstar on the radio and I thought that maybe this guy is a real artist and makes good music, so I bought his two albums on itunes…and I was right. This guy makes great music, something that today’s rappers should learn from…

Great albums imo
best hiphop cd of ’07, The Cool.

"The coolest nga wat?
The coolest nga wat?
The coolest nga wat?"
I’ve been a fan ever since I heard Food & Liquor for the first time soon after it was released
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Paul Wall brought rap back?

On one of those gay facebook "top 5 rappers" lists…the guy lists eminem, tpain, TI, lil wayne and chamillionaire.

So then some guy came in saying that he needs to stop listening to mainstream rap and listen to paul wall because he brought rap back. So I say…

"I don’t listen to anything really mainstream unless you count Biggie, lupe, nas, tupac, MF Wooly, Reks, Blue & Exhile, The Roots, Common, Murs, ZRo, Cormega, Wale, Mos Def, Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek as "mainstream."
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