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Diverse Musical Taste – Looking for Matches

Since I listen to nearly every classification

Example, the next five songs in my current play list are as follows

King of the Road – Dean Martin
Before I forget – Slipknot
In Da Club – 50 Cent
As Good As I Once Was – Toby Keith
Becoming Insane – Infected Mushroom

I can never keep track of what classification is what. Especially in certain genres and I end up sifting through lots of crap I don’t like. Even on Pandora or other systems like that the music chosen is never quite the same as what I am looking for.
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Drug Free Music

I’m conducting an experiment on myself to see if I can enjoy music made by sober musicians. This means no alcohol or prescription drugs or illegal drugs. Looking primarily for rock acts, but any genre, any time period is fine.
Good luck.

Music and drugs are like sex and drugs. Its cool sober but when you’re fucked up you can do it 10 times better.

thanks dude. only need about 49 more to provide an experimentally viable list.
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