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bands that you greatly dislike for whatever reason

red hot chili peppers

they suck. their music is bland; they are boring as shit. i’m convinced they actually have only 1 song, and it’s played everywhere, all the time. i’m also convinced the only kind of person who appreciates their particular flavor of suck can be found at any given time in a college quad playing ultimate frisbee with his frat brothers.
Probably going to get a lot of hate for this:
Rise Against
Foo Fighters

As far as mainstream groups go, I think RHCP are among the best. I’ve always liked them.
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What was your last/next concert?

last show i went to was Queens of the Stone Age and it fucking rocked hard.

tonight i’m going to see TOOL. apparently vancouver might get to hear a NEW song, but that’s so highly unlikely. it’s probably going to be a 20 second bit of noise that will make it onto the next album and nobody will know what the fuck their hearing.

wat aboot you?
My last concert i went to was a Free Joan Jett concert in downtown Raleigh last summer unless you count DJ Icey who was just in Raleigh the 23rd of June, which was SICK but not really a concert.
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