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Problems with electronic music?

Why do some people think it takes no talent?

Some of the best, most entertaining nights I’ve been to have been electronic like Daft Punk, Etienne De Crecy, Chemical Brothers, Orbital, Sasha, Deadmau5 etc. Yeah live bands are good but the way electronica shoots through every cell of your body when dancing cannot be matched!

In my opinion anyway.
I find that a lot of people think that it takes no talent to play/write electronic music is because of the equipment the actual artists use: samples, synths, keyboards, etc. No matter how good the actual music is, the "haters" just think that you have to actually be able to play the music on an actual instrument in order for you to have talent.
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Tron Legacy Score

Shit is gonna be bauce!!! Daft Punk () is amazing and this score is going to be incredible!!

Here are a couple of links to samples of some of the score

I really hope it gets released on vinyl because I will definitely buy it!!
It’s good but I expected a more signature DP sound from it. It’s quite orchestral and dark which makes it sound like a Batman soundtrack. I was expecting to know DP had some input on it just by listening to it, and I just don’t
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When will the Tron Legacy soundtrack be released?

Most likely after Kanye West new cd is dropped, which will have a direct correlation to album sales of the soundtrack. Once again, Daft Punk riding the coat tails of Kanye West. Good Day.
Please don’t mention Kanye in a thread about Tron Legacy.
Kanye =
Anyways the soundtrack comes out Dec 7, 2010

I’m definitely going to get the cd but would love for a vinyl release.
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