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"Ridin the rails" is the song I tracked down on the Dick Tracy Soundtrack.

Man! The surfing animation in Into Yesterday’s video from the movie
Surf’s Up is so far out!

Sugar Ray started in the late 1980s as a group of friends at Corona del Mar High School. Initially comprising Rodney Sheppard and Stan Frazier (under the name The Tories). Later additions Murphy Karges and Mark McGrath changed the band’s name to Shrinky Dinx. After signing with Atlantic Records, the name was changed to Sugar Ray upon threat of lawsuit from the Milton Bradley Company (maker of the Shrinky Dinks toy)…

In January 2006, Sugar Ray was released from their recording contract with Atlantic Records. "Into Yesterday" on the Surf’s Up movie soundtrack was released in June 2007. The band has been touring Asia, most recently in Singapore in August 2007 where they headlined SingFest, the nation’s first international music festival.

Reservoir Dogs "Stuck in the middle with you," Violent scene!

This song sounds like it is
influenced by Frank Zappa.
It’s "Soundtrack of my life
(featuring Blue Collar Special)"
by Running on Fumes on the
2005 album, The Beginning
of the End.