slightly stoopid

there are only a few bands i can listen to for years and not get tired of them, and good lord this is certainly one of them

even if you don’t smoke weed this music puts sublime/pepper/rebolution to shame.

favorite songs? i’ll list mine when i get home
Slightly Stoopid sucks, they are one of the few bands I can’t stand to hear. I’ve known of them for a few years now and every time I hear them I get pissed off.

Seriously dude, how can you even think they are better than Sublime?! Sublime was an awesome, talented band, with heaps of soul and emotion. Slightly Stoopid is just a watered down, sugar coated, shitty attempt to emulate Sublime’s style and technique.

*:Opinion Stated:*
i like them ( don’t smoke weed )

world goes round, closer to the sun, wiseman, this joint, sweet honey are all good songs
my fav song of theirs is sweet honey. it’s also the only song of theirs i know. heard they were good in concert tho.
I agree that they are a watered down version of Sublime. But their song Officer is one of the best songs imo to listen to high.

Their albums are worth listening and I am into them but you have to laugh at them also. I mean seriously… I have to question their talent or sobriety on some of the cuts where they are trying to harmonize with each other and I swear they don’t even know the lyrics.

I’m talking about the acoustic album. The cover of GNR I used to love her made Axle look good even after rehab. Good idea…awful performance.

Rebelution > slightly stoopid. Whereas SS has only a few good songs, rebel puts out gold on nearly every track. However, that’s just my opinion I guess, since their style is fairly different but still clustered into the "reggae rock" genre. Oh, and you can actually understand what they’re saying in their songs lol

see: Safe & Sound, Bright Side of Life, Attention Span, More than Ever, Outta Control, Feelin Alright, etc
Jimi. Fantastic instrumental in the beginning followed by a great closing with vocals.
Check out Passafire if you like this type of music, fantastic band.
Just started listening to them once I heard 2 am. Fucking incredible song.
I used to think that Closer to the Sun was some impossible guitar riff to play… I finally learned to play it recently

they kick ass, bradley nowell found them out

leaving on a jet plane, officer, bandalero, til it gets wet, this joint, all great songs
A thread about Slightly Stoopid, and the only link posted is a Cover…

…brilliant, much?

A thread about Slightly Stoopid, and the only link posted is a Cover…

…brilliant, much?

Seriously, somebody needs to smash their chorus effect. Great bar band, but basically no-talent ass-clowns.

Not to sound like a hippie but I guess you dont get it

Good lyrics, good sound, and if you’re not used to listening to dub and reggae the lyrics are right in the video.

They’re pretty consistently good. If they played every song I like in one set it’d take 6hrs easily.

puts sublime/pepper/rebolution to shame

go to hell