Does anyone know of

Hey whats ups everyone.

I am just wondering if you know any new tunes I can listen to.


should get you started real nice and proper like son.

Honor by august – Found

album is really good. it might not be what a lot of people here are looking for, but i think anyone looking for an emo inspired soft rock-indie band that isnt very well known, ya cant go wrong with honor by august

Trance, Global Vol 19 – Atlanta, GA

Album: Trance, Global
Volume : 19 (Atlanta, GA)
Date Released : July 1, 2009
DJ : Anuj
Genre : Prog House, Prog Vocal, Melodic Trance
Format : MP3 – 256kbps
Duration : 2hrs 3mins 49sec

Download Link : DJAnuj DOT com

1. John O’Callaghan & LO-FI Sugar – Never Fade Away (Original Mix)
2. Richard & Moore – Nevada
3. Alex Hentze – Sokaribe (Original Mix)
4. Stan Kolev & Juan Mejia – To The Clouds
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New Caspian record at Mylene Sheath

CASPIAN "Tertia"

01. Mie
02. La Cerva
03. Ghost of the Garden City
04. Malacoda
05. Epochs in DMaj
06. Of Foam and Wave
07. Concrescence
08. The Raven
09. Vienna
10. Sycamore

United States: August 11, 2009
Europe: August 7, 2009

It is with insane giddiness that we would like to officially announce that The Mylene Sheath will be releasing Caspian’s next full length "Tertia" this August in North America on all formats. Having worked with these guys on vinyl releases for their back catalog, we’ve learned a lot about eachother the past couple years. The most important thing besides the friendship we’ve forged is that we know the authenticity of which Caspian write, record, and especially, perform their songs. There is no faking the amount of passion and dedication that drives this band. The relationship we share is one that we feel is very special and to have the opportunity to release their next album for them is an honor for us.
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Heavy Music Crew…Free Music Here!!1!

One of the guys from this band posted a link on a Dillinger Escape Plan forum (sub-forum on SMN News) for everyone to get their debut CD as a free download. So…I now pass this link on to you. MP3 & AIFF versions available…just enter an email address & you’ll be sent a link for download.

Just go to

Metal Crew: What Do You Know About Grind?

Basically wanted to expand my grindcore collection, and real metal crew on here has never failed me before, even though grind isn’t really metal…but whatever, that’s just splitting hairs, and I’ve gotten good recommendations from you guys in the past on other genres. Bands I already listen to and like are:

Agoraphobic Nosebleed
Anal Cunt
Bad Acid Trip
Brutal Truth (First album was my favorite)
Carcass (First album)
Cephalic Carnage (Early stuff was especially grindy)
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Can you give me some music suggestions?

Just in a listening mood for some soothing relaxing melodic tunes without vocals. Nothing heavy, maybe on the classical side, electronica, anything you can think of that follows the above criteria.

What can you come up with?
I like the second one. It works.

Thank you.

Anyone else?
3epkano – At Land
this whole album
you can find it on blogspot sites.
Ef – Give Me Beauty… Or Give Me Death!
Apricot Rail – Self Titled (absolutely gorgeous album)
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Anuj on Air 004

Station : Sense.FM
Show : Anuj on Air
Episode : 004
Aired on : Jul18, 2009
DJ : Anuj
Genre : Prog Vocal, Prog House
Format : MP3 – 320kbps
Duration : 1hr

Download Link : Google – DJ Anuj

1. Adrian Lux – Cant Sleep (Ali Payami Rmx)
2. DJ Stephano feat. Misha – No More (3shift Rmx)
3. Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On (Inpetto Mix)
4. Falaska Contest – Enjoy The Silence (Dyor Progressive Rmx)
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