Need new music, recommendations?

My top 3 favorite bands would have to be

King Crimson

I love jazz (mostly bebop, but there are exceptions of course) but I’m pretty much content with my jazz collection. I just want more modern music that I can actually tolerate.

Uhh…help me please?
Breakbeat Era – 1999 album Ultra Obscene

Gotye – Hearts a Mess

Just some flat out good music.

if you like Jazz and any Electronica you might like goldfish

You obviously like Progressive Rock if you like Tool, King Crimson, and Radiohead. So at the very least you have to check out Porcupine Tree, The Mars Volta, and Dredg.

I’d very loosely describe each as the following
Porcupine Tree – Pink Floydish Prog Rock Vibe. They have a ridiculous range of sounds with some incredibly epic stuff.
Mars Volta are basically a modern day King Crimson
Dredg is pretty similar to Tool.

Porcupine Tree – Arriving Somewhere but Not Here (pt.1)

Mars Volta – Televators

Dredg – Symbol Song

(this is one of those really shitty youtube homemade music videos. Awesome song tho)