Mylene Sheath May newsletter

Hey guys!

Well, here we are nearly at the halfway point for 2009, so insane… it never ceases to amaze us how fast time flies. Make certain to take a couple days this month and reflect on what’s happening in your life because man, it could be something completely different tomorrow. So have a couple lazy days mixed in with the frenzy and enjoy the beautiful weather that May brings. Go on a bike ride with friends/lovers, go to the amusement park with the fam, hit up the outdoors with your pets. And be certain to listen to music that helps freeze the moment in your mind for eternity so that every time you hear that song you’re reminded of that beautiful day and it never ends.

Lots of stuff going on around here right now, GIFTS FROM ENOLA’s "From Fathoms" preorder is still going on and ACTORS & ACTRESSES "Arrows" preorder is underway now as well. CONSTANTS "The Foundation, The Machine, The Ascension" massive 3xLP and CD preorder will be taking place this month as well, so tuck some pennies away for that one, look for it around mid-month.

Also, we wanted to thank everyone who came out on April 23rd for the IF THESE TREES COULD TALK show at The Southgate House. Super extra special thanks to Columbus, OH’s Lo Pan and Atlanta, GA’s O’BROTHER for jumping on the bill and really rounding out the show and saving our asses. Also, extra special thanks to Rick and The Southgate House for working so closely with us and making it happen regardless of the obstacles! We love working with you guys!

One more thing worth noting very briefly, our titles will no longer be distributed via Lumberjack Mordam Music Group. We appreciate everything they have done for us and have nothing but nice things to say about them. But if you’re a record store or distributor that was purchasing our titles from them, please immediately start buying them direct from us. Just email us and we’ll deal direct.

Ok gang, lets do a brief preorder recap for anyone that wasn’t on the mailing list earlier this month when we started the preorders then we’ll move on to upcoming stuff and some tour dates, enjoy and we’ll catch up with you at the bottom of the page!!

A bunch of ACTORS & ACTRESSES PREORDER OPTIONS are available at the store.

Brief descripto:
"The stunning debut full length, and follow-up to acclaimed debut ep, by Kansas City’s Actors & Actresses. Slow, atmospheric, and glacial, the album brings to mind bands like Low, Juno, Swervedriver, and Disintegration-era The Cure. Though nearly every critic has name-dropped Sigur Ros as a reference point due to the album’s dreamy, nearly freezing progressions, the band actually has just as much in common with Failure’s brand of textural space-rock. Scott Bennett anchors the trio with a massive thrum of down-tuned bass diametrically-opposed by his soft alto vocals. Andrew Schiller’s guitars provide a backdrop that moves between subtle harmonic textures and blaring noise. David Sumner guides the rolling mass of sound with precise rhythm constructions from both his kit and banks of samples that give Actors & Actresses an instantly recognizable signature sound. It’s dilatory by nature, it is deliberately melting away."

Some GIFTS FROM ENOLA PREORDER OPTIONS are also available too.

Brief descripto:
"Every few years an album comes out that pushes the existing genres of music so far that it can no longer be recognizable as an album of any one genre. The explosion of a culmination of influences so diverse that the creative output that the end result yields is powerful enough to create its own genre of music. These are the albums that inspire people to create music and these are the influential albums that remain timeless for eternity. With their third release, Harrisonburg, VA’s Gifts From Enola may have created an album that is just that powerful. Completely uninhibited, uncompromising, and unrelenting, "From Fathoms" is all at once an emotional epiphany and an unintentional reckoning of the new creative wave. Sharing as much in common with bands like The Mars Volta and Minus The Bear as it shares with Explosions In The Sky or This Will Destroy You. Defying boundaries with an unrelenting, aggressive assault ala Converge one second, the next seamlessly flowing into a high flying crescendo of hope in Mono-like fashion. The end result of this album is certainly unclassifiable and name dropping all over the place will never accurately describe the sound. It is its own, and that is a rare feat in today’s saturated music industry. This is unexpected. This is "From Fathoms". "


We’ll have some gems coming in this month for the distro including the split 12" by ANGEL EYES and Germany’s A FINE BOAT THAT COFFIN from the stellar European label, Concubine Records. We’re stoked to be able to offer this to peeps in the states, because ANGEL EYES is an amazing band and they’ve been a very important band to us personally for close to 3 years now. If you’ve never heard them before, it’s high time you do HERE! Look for these in the webstore around the middle of the month, they have to cross the Atlantic after all!

We’ll also be procuring some copies of the vinyl release of Constants acclaimed "The Murder of Tom Fitzgerril" that the always dependable Vega Vinyl released last summer. These should be in the webstore by next week. As everyone knows by now, Constants is the muthablankin’ shiick!! Stoked to get these in because Jordan and Vega Vinyl are all about quality and these are top notch 180 gram examples of their standards!

We’ll be stocking a slew of titles by everyone’s favorite label, Robotic Empire, in the coming weeks. Releases by Torche, Helms Alee, Gods & Queens, Ghastly City Sleep, Jesu, Red Sparowes, and the new split 2xLP by Storm of Light and Nadja, plus a bunch of others, too. Excited to see their newest releases, as everyone knows, the packaging on Robo jamz is always raising the bar while we all race to catch up!!

We still have a few of the Denovali releases available. Although Neil On Impression, Blueneck, and Audrey are gone, but there’s a a couple copies of the September Malevolence 12" and Meet Me in St Louis 12" still available. Planning on getting the new Celeste from Timo and the gang and restocking everything else asap!

Most of the other things in the distro are down to their last copy or two while we work on restocking, so if there’s anything you want quickly, I’d probably order it soon or else you’ll be waiting until we get some more. Which, of course, would suck!

At any rate, check the distro for stuff you know you want….. and NEEEEEED!!!
.. ..

Well, that about covers the tip of the iceberg =) So much stuff going on! Remember the Constants preorder will be popping off around mid month so you’ll be receiving another email for us with preorder options and instructions and all that fun preorder goodness! We’ll have several different options available for ordering and we’re going to charge $25 for the 3xLP version ($10 for CD, as usual). Considering we’ve seen other labels recently charging $25 for a 2xLP, we think that’s more than fair. Also, there’s 6 FEET OF ARTWORK on this monster, so that means it’s expensive to make! And it also means it’s worth every penny =) It is a beast like no other. Anyhow, more on that when the time is right, for now just know it’s happening pretty soon =)

The Gifts preorders should start shipping out late next week and the A&A preorders should immediately follow those =) If anyone has any questions regarding either, please just reply to this or email us and we’ll take care of you! Thanks again to everyone that has ordered, none of this would be taking place without your support and we’re eternally grateful. As we’ve maintained from the beginning, this wouldn’t exist without you, which makes you just as much a part of it as the bands or the label.

Talk to you soon gang!!

Lindsay & Joel

Damn that is a good deal for the Constants 3LP. I got my money ready to send soon as it comes available to order ")
So now we’re getting more and more in the distro! yay!

its at mylene sheath with no space and a com after the dot.

BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS – Black Shape of Nexus 12" black vinyl

German import released by Vendetta Records

"3 songs (about 45 minutes) of massive doom, think Khanate meets Corrupted, mastered by JAMES PLOTKIN (old lady drivers, khanate, phantomsmasher)"

Price: $14.00

BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS – Black Shape of Nexus CD

German import released by Vendetta Records

"3 songs (about 45 minutes) of massive doom, think Khanate meets Corrupted, mastered by JAMES PLOTKIN (old lady drivers, khanate, phantomsmasher)"

Price: $12.00

BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS – Microbarome Meetings 2xLP

German import released by Vendetta Records – one LP on red vinyl and one LP on orange vinyl, a thick gatefold jacket and even has printing on the INSIDE of the jacket sleeves! Remarkable layout!

Price: $19.00


German import released by Vendetta records

"split lp by two of Germany’s best doom / drone / sludge bands around at the moment, both bands deliver 2 new songs, all songs were mastered by James Plotkin of Khanate and old fame, artwork done by Lars Henkel"

Price: $14.00

CONSTANTS – The Murder of Tom Fitzgerril 12" blue vinyl
limited to 300

180 gram vinyl, gatefold jackets, colored vinyl, Constants… do you need any more reasons to purchase this?? Vega Vinyl released this on vinyl last summer in a limited edition of 500 total copies and while they’re almost gone, we were able to finagle a few copies to sell through the webstore. These are on blue vinyl out of 300. Kick ass layout, no reason not to own this…

Price: $12.00

CORRUPTED – Paso Inferior 12"

German import released by Insolito Records with an awesome black on black spot glossed jacket!

"FINALLY REPRESSED! – THE PASO INFERIOR LP side A is about 30 minutes the paso inferior CD wich was about 41 minutes.Corrupted re-recorded and remixed this new record in 2002. it’s based on the song from the cd, but it’s not the same song…and in my opinion it sound much better than the orginal from 1997.The B side track is about 16 minutes and is more heavy spheric… without vocals …and there isn’t anything like that on the CD fom 1997.This is not a vinyl Press of the cd from 1997. It’s a new recorded and remixed album from Corrupted. The LP comes with a black on black cover"

Price: $14.00

INDIAN SUMMER – Hidden Arithmetic 12"

German import released by Adagio 830!

"Limited edition vinyl version of Hidden Arithmetic from Emo pioneers Indian Summer. 9 songs including unreleased material. Includes silk screened covers/3 printed inserts and a limited poster. Sounds and looks amazing!"

Price: $14.00

LAURA – Yes Maybe No CD
limited edition of 2000

"Laura are quite simply one of the most passionate, powerful, melodic and more unique bands out there today."

Price: $10.00

MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS – Variations On Swing 12" clear vinyl w/black splatter

European import released by Denovali Records. Another amazing package by this label and the jams are siiiiiick! Limited to 500 copies.

""mmisl threaten to bust the temperature gauge with amazingly explosive, off-kilter drumming that cap’n jazz would have been more than proud of and a million searing riffs that hark back to the irregularity of at the drive in and blood brothers. it is this heady combination of influences, despite the lack of a discernable beat, which sends half the crowd into spasmodic judders – they seem to be dancing but it looks totally involuntary. the other half of the crowd simply stands there transfixed with their mouths open."

Price: $14.00

MOUNT LOGAN – Mount Logan 12" black vinyl

German import released by Vendetta records!

"2 monumental songs, mastered by james plotkin (khanate, phantomsmasher)"

Price: $14.00

NADJA – Guilted By The Sun CD
limited edition of 2000

"A 4-song delve into the deepest recesses of the back of your mind."

Price: $10.00

PYGMY LUSH – Mount Hope 12"

Released by great German label, Adagio830

Pygmy Lush, whose members have cut their teeth in some of Northern Virginia’s most influential hardcore bands of the last decade including Pg.99, Majority Rule, Malady, City Of Caterpillar and Crestfallen, return with their much anticipated second full-length, "Mount Hope."

Price: $12.00

SALOME – Salome CD

German import released by Vendetta records

"Massive, heavy doom / sludge metal somewhere between killer groovy riffing and the absolute lava viscosity of BURNING WITCH"

Price: $12.00

SEPTEMBER MALEVOLENCE – After This Darkness, There’s a Next 12” half clear/half brown vinyl

Split release between Denovali and A Tenderversion Recording imported from Europe, limited to just 250 copies on this color combo…

"September Malevolence has matured. They are, without a doubt, one of the premier acts of our day, and After This Darkness… is an incredible achievement. Listening to the album reveals more than just superb musicianship – the dark tone and mood allow the sweeping, cinematic music to bring you closer to the actual band. September Malevolence is on, in, and with this record. Rarely can you actually feel the presence of the artist in a given work, and with this album every emotional peak and cataclysmic low of the band members� lives is felt and heard, forcing the listener closer to the band and the work itself. By the end of After This Darkness, you will feel bonded and attached to September Malevolence, and a band can hardly hope to achieve more than that."

Price: $14.00

THE WHOREHOUSE MASSACRE – IV: The Death Tree 12" black vinyl

Another Streaks Records import from Germany, this is limited to 416 copies and you have absolutely GOT to see the artwork in person to understand its awesomeness!

"Thick 350g cardboard, professional mastering at "The Exchange" UK, 8 paged booklet. IV: The Death Tree is as you may guess the fourth album of Willy P.s (Canada) solo project. This has it all: Sludge, Industrial, Noise, but occasional haunting, almost melodic moments. Inspired by the murders of Robert William Pickton this is a sick nightmarish Lucio Fulci soundtrack. Rotten hopelessness and perdition dominate the album, adding blends of violent, grinding outbursts. lo-fi black metal aesthetic, but still produced healthy. The superb artwork for the coversleeve and the 8-paged booklet is from Scott Stearns and transports perfectly the misanthropic brutality. Dip into the sick world of Willy P."

Price: $14.00

thisquietarmy – blackhaunter CD
limited edition of 1000

"thisquietarmy’s sophomore release, It’s themes revolve around inner demons and the darker side of affairs."

Price: $10.00

UFO GESTAPO – Vatependr 12" black vinyl

German import from Streaks Records, this is Streak #7 and packs a punch of insanity like whoa! Limited to 327 copies!

"This is sick Sludge by Nasa scientists on amphetamines and narcotics simultaneously.You will feel the violence and drug abuse in each groove of that rolling manic sludge attack from outer space! The delirious UFO GESTAPO from Marseille! Insanity has a name!"

Price: $14.00

WRECK OF THE HESPERUS – The Sunken Threshold 12" black vinyl

German import from Streaks Records, an amazing young label putting out sick tunes with totally legit packaging, so good! Limited to 548 copies!

"Thick 350g cardboard gatefold, 4 colored inlay. Autopsy-esque, filthy and gloomy Doom/Sludge with weaving drum work. Mental Funeral Doom from Dublin. Beautiful gatefold LP with art by Glyn Smith.

Price: $14.00

ZEEP SOAP! Aloe & Green Clover w/Bamboo Powder

Awesome vegan soap courtesy of our friends at Zeep Soap & Robotic Empire. This stuff smells and feels so good – lather up!!

Ingredients: Saponified Oils (Olive OIl, Aloe Butter, Palm Oil), Water, Aloe & Green Clover Fragrance, Bamboo Powder

Price: $4.00

ZEEP SOAP! Earl Grey Tea

Awesome vegan soap courtesy of our friends at Zeep Soap & Robotic Empire. This is the first time we’ve stocked the "Earl Grey Tea" and it is AWESOME!! Lather up!!

Ingredients: Saponified Oils (Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil), Brewed Earl Grey Tea, Bergamot Essential Oil, Earl Grey Tea Leaves

Price: $4.00

ZEEP SOAP! Green Tea w/Ginger & Lemon

Awesome vegan soap courtesy of our friends at Zeep Soap & Robotic Empire. This stuff smells and feels so good – lather up!!

Ingredients: Saponified Oils (Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Green Tea Butter), Brewed Green Tea, Ginger & Lemon Essential Oils, Green Tea Leaves

Price: $4.00

ZEEP SOAP! Tea Tree Oil & Organic Kelp

Awesome vegan soap courtesy of our friends at Zeep Soap & Robotic Empire. This is our favorite here at The Mylene Sheath and it’s also the #1 seller for Zeep! Lather up!!

Ingredients: Saponified Oils (Olive OIl, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil), Water, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Organic Kelp

Price: $4.00
We’ll have some SUPER SUPER exciting pre-order news soon, so please keep an eye out here!

We’ll also have some distro updates from Robotic Empire and Relapse records!! OMG!!

Anyway, heres a bunch of current distro receivals from Fedora Corpse, Bear Records and Superfi Records –


Import from SuperFi Records in the UK.

"One of the best thrash hardcore bands in the UK unleash their first proper album! Super-fast drumming, harsh atonal riffs, meaningful lyrics and deadly screams abound!"

Price: $12.00

ART OF BURNING WATER – The Voyage of the Pessimistic Philosoph: An Ode to Believers of the… CD

Split release from SuperFi Records and House of Stairs.

"Incredibly tight and brutal, AOBW create a half hour of totally panicked heavy technical metal hardcore and immensely long song titles. Think Mastodon, Keelhaul, Melvins, Craw, Botch and Zeni Geva, and then crank the speed up to near breaking-point."

Price: $12.00

GEISHA – Mondo Dell’orrore CD

Split release by SuperFi Records and Blood Red Records.

"With ‘Mondo Dell’Orrore’, Geisha have upped the creative ante even further as their slyly melodic, deceptively minimal guitar constructs battle ever more artfully with the distortion-wrecked hardcore sensibilities at the band’s heart."

Price: $12.00

JINN – Jinn CD

Split release from Superfi Records & Right To Refuse Records

"The Northern UK band’s first proper full-length! Ex-Ebola / Thirty Seconds Until Armageddon rocking political thrash hardcore grind!"

Price: $12.00

THE DEATH OF HER MONEY – Spirit of the Stairwell CD

Split release by SuperFi records and Rat Patrol and the band themselves…

"The Death Of Her Money may not have a great name, but they do have a great sound. The trio from South Wales blend an appreciation for modern, heavy music together with an experimental edge to create a swirling, hypnotic maelstrom of repetitive, naturally grooving stoner-rock, kind of like Neurosis meets My Bloody Valentine meets Sonic Youth meets Can."

Price: $12.00

THE MOCK HEROIC – Dignified Exits CD

Another awesome release from UK’s SuperFi Records!

"A young but deadly serious band taking cues from the classic 90’s emo bands but adding a vicious, experimental, technical edge that keeps things edgy but heartfelt."

Price: $12.00

ABOUT FACE – Deny Me 7"
one sided, limited to 300

One sided 7" put out by Bear records, limited to 300 total copies, all ob black vinyl:

"New Jersey Hardcore! Four crazy tracks on a one-sided 7". Limited to 300 copies in black, these will not be repressed anytime soon, if ever, so get them while you can!"

Price: $4.00

COMOROS – Comoros 12" blue vinyl

Fedora Corpse Recordings first vinyl release from last year:

"Every sound is engulfed in huge washes of analog delay and spacious reverb. The resultant sound is smeared and blurred to the point of abstract beauty without the usual instrumental signifiers. When identifiable voices (synth squiggles here, bass drones there) do emerge, they simply provide landmarks to help us catch our breath before sliding back into the beautiful murk." –foxy digitalis

Price: $12.00
EVENINGS – Growing Isolation 12" maroon vinyl

Fedora Corpse Recordings releases another hand screened beauty on raw kraft stock w/colored vinyl:

" Miles Haney of Tapeworm tapes has an extensive discography of wonderful limited releases for his project Evenings. This full length LP offers the same great Evenings walls of bass heavy drone."…the sound of Growing Isolation does occasionally seem to smooth out into something almost pretty, but even then, there are soul sucking spirits lurking just below that misleadingly lovely top layer, a glimmering glistening crust over a constantly roiling cauldron of bottomless blackness…" — Aquarius Records"

Price: $12.00

EXPO 70 – Night Flights 12" blue vinyl w/haze

Great release by Fedora Corpse Recordings:

"Four new meditations on the shape of sound from Kansas City’s Justin Wright. These songs amplify the crumbs of deep space left behind by Klaus Schulze. Includes Justin’s own artwork design, screenprinted on raw kraft. Limited to 300 on heavy colored vinyl and available exclusively from Fedora Corpse."

Price: $12.00


pilsner colored vinyl 7" release by Bear Records, limited to 500 copies and includes a coupon for a free download as well:

"Been waiting for it for quite awhile, but it’s finally here! This split 7" features one song just under 9 minutes from Pianos Become The Teeth, and two killer songs from Ezra Joyce which are COMPLETELY RE-RECORDED on this release. If you have the cd version of this split from the bands tours, check this out, because the versions of Ezra Joyce’s tracks on this record are entirely different, re-done, and more intense!!"

Price: $4.00

GOTE – Gote 12"
(note: should be an umlaut over the "O", but our webstore is particular and won’t let us put it!)

Hand screened on raw kraft stock, Fedora Corpse Recordings maintains their standard of excellent hand packaged releases:

"After releasing many songs in a wide variety of formats, G�te has finally found its way onto the turntable."…way beyond their previous outputs of free-metal zone-mulch with a red vinyl vision-dump of brain-gnarl heaviness…Very fucking great." — Arthur Magazine"

Price: $12.00

NEON RED NOISE – Blashphemare (cassette)
limited to 100, hand numbered

limited cassette release by Bear Records:

"this cassette is limited to 100 copies and is hand-numbered!! The cassette version of Neon Red Noise’s "Blasphemare", these guys from Denmark play some music which I can best describe as heavy, loud, and slow (that’s a good thing). This shit blows you away in slow motion…."

Price: $2.00

THE HUNT FOR YOSHI – Diamonds Are For Never CD-R
limited to 48 copies, hand-numbered

Bear Records released this limited CD-R by nintendo-core weirdos, The Hunt For Yoshi.

"The newest 15-track full length cd from The Hunt For Yoshi is finally available for you to order! This disc contains brand new original tracks. The cds are white, hand-individual spray painted with goombas. The cases are on cover stock, printed, cut, folded, and glued by hand and hand numbered. Limited to 48."

Price: $3.00

THE SEA SWALLED US WHOLE – Drop Acid, Not Bombs (cassette)
limited to 100

Another limited cassette release by Bear Records:"Classic and amazing screamo from Flordia. Six songs making up one release with a vicious impact!"

Price: $2.00


CD put out by Bear Records last summer, check it out:

"Werewolves from Baltimore, Maryland. They will rip your face off with their awesome combination of thrash/grind/awesome. Do you realize that the word awesome was used twice in that sentence? That’s how awesome this cd is. Seriously."

Price: $6.00


Split 7" split released by two labels, Bear Records & Yehonala Tapes, limited to 400 on pink vinyl:

"Amazing split between German crazy grind/spazzcore band Call Me Betty, and Baltimore thrashers Werewolves. Each copy will come with a cool zine(insert) made by Tom from Call Me Betty!"

Price: $4.00
‘Well, the time has finally come for us to start taking preorders for the mighty monster that is CONSTANTS new full length, "The Foundation, The Machine, The Ascension". It’s our most ambitious release to date as it’s available as a 3xLP in a triple gatefold jacket and simply put, is massive both sonically and physically. The triple gatefold jackets are upgraded heavy 350gsm stock with spot glossed areas and of course there’s multiple colors of vinyl to choose from. The CD comes in a thick 6 panel cardboard sleeve jacket and is essentially a scaled down version of the 3xLP triple gatefold jackets.’

There are a bunch of pre-order packages available. Head on over to the website at Mylene Sheath with a dot then a com.

‘Well, the time has finally come for us to start taking preorders for the mighty monster that is CONSTANTS new full length, "The Foundation, The Machine, The Ascension". It’s our most ambitious release to date as it’s available as a 3xLP in a triple gatefold jacket and simply put, is massive both sonically and physically. The triple gatefold jackets are upgraded heavy 350gsm stock with spot glossed areas and of course there’s multiple colors of vinyl to choose from. The CD comes in a thick 6 panel cardboard sleeve jacket and is essentially a scaled down version of the 3xLP triple gatefold jackets.’

There are a bunch of pre-order packages available. Head on over to the website at Mylene Sheath with a dot then a com.

I pre-ordered the 3xLP/cd combo for Constants the day it was available. I’m super excited about this new album.