Mariah Carey owns Eminem


Watch her new video "Obsessed" if you dont know what Im talking about.

She already fired shots at him, and he comes back with a "Warning"???

I like Eminem but he does seem pretty pathetic in this situation. The guys poppin too much E, got his brain all messed up. Willingly took Brunos nuts on his chin as well.
Let’s see, a talented white rapper (rare) who knows how to take take the piss out of himself (yanks read; has a sense of humour) and probably has the balls to back up his words vs a crazed attention-whoring slut who’s "shot" at forementioned rapper is a "role" in her video?

Nigger, please.
"The Warning">>>>>>"Obsession."

"The Warning" is seriously one of the best Eminem tracks since The Eminem Show.

Who the fuck do you think you’re kidding?

what do you call it?

Look at the queer in his av, that should explain it
Eminem owned her and nick cannon in the warrning.

But the obsessed music video is full of lulz.
Fucking hell, eminem murders her in that track. Haha holy shit.

If you’re a 16 year old gothic faggot.
mariah owns eminem?

em writes a couple fucking lines about this slut on a track. she isnt the subject of a whole fuckin song. meanwhile, nick cannon talks shit about em in his dumbass fuckin blog, making outlandish claims of fuckin racism and all this because of those couple lines. threatening em and shit. THAT was hilarious, since nick cannon is a fuckin tool and HOSTS A TALENT SHOW. Then, mariah makes a song to capitalize since her career is in the shitter.

So, in turn, eminem CHECKS that fuckin whore like a man does. he gives her an ultimatum; shut the fuck up or I’m going to take your ass down.

EM owned that bitch, and if she keeps talking shit (which I’m kind of hoping she does, since em said he’d release pictures) then he’ll ruin her ass.

I can’t stand modern day rap hip hop
I love old school hip hop though.

icp is worse than eminem

Yeah..not really . where do you get gothic faggot from?? i have been to many of their shows and no one looks like Zeromancer

icp is worse than eminem

lol i’ll even go as far as to say Kriss Kross> Eminem their lyrics were sick
Eminem is awful. J-Roc from Trailer Park Boys is better than him.

Though he is at least better than ICP, but that’s not saying too much.
how many people in here have even heard more than 4 songs by ICP? i’m guessing all of you have heard The Neden Game and maaaaabyye Boogie-woogie wo. Amirite? haha

I’ve heard almost all their albums (not by choice).
My cousin went through an ICP phase where all he did was drive around blasting out their albums. Unfortunately I had to ride with him some and listen to that shit over and over.
I owned the first 4 ICP cd’s when i was a kid, looking back, they were pretty pathetic. didn’t say much about me then =X
I named my newest character on Diablo 2 "ICP_RULEZ"
It makes for many hilarious in-game arguments.

or now

you have a small penis. you should listen to something less faggy than what you listen to. which is fag music. you know. music that fags like.

your awesome.
Eminem WAS good, however fame fucked him in the ass and he turned bitch in record time.

Good for mariah.

Interesting….lemme guess…you’re of the caucasion persuation……am I wrong?