kings of leon

i have been listning to kings of leon for about 2 years now and i think there really good. just seein what you guys think of them.
i like them and saw them in concert in chicago at the Congress Theatre and it was awesome.
I tried to listen to them, but they didn’t really stick. I hear they are good live as well and am hoping they coem around…then I can judge ultimately.
sex on fire
use somebody

are about the only good ones. those three are worth it though

^ try the bucket, molly chambers, fans, milk, on call, actually all of their albums are pretty good. their latest one is probably their weakest IMO

Milk is pretty much my favorite KoL song. Love it. but Yeah earlier stuff is awsome and Because of the Times is an amazing album also

I don’t listen to the radio except for a few college stations, so I really don’t know what is played on top 40.

lots and lots of dogshit
after i saw them on MTV i just wanted to shoot myself. Mainstream = death
I liked them a lot better before paramour started covering their shit
their earlier stuff is way better than what’s on the radio it seems.
i get the distinct impression that cool girls and lame dudes are big fans of Kings of Leon

I remember playing King of the Radio for some friends back in 2005 and they were like "that band is gay". Same friends bought the new album.
i was on the fence when i first heard their stuff, now i can’t stand them…seems like it’s good music for guys who always find themselves friendzoned by women though

all good Joe’s Head is amazing too

they are the shit.
the early stuff rocks

Amen, their early stuff kicks ass
going to see them again coming up in september. cant wait