Dual Band – Safe Sex

anyone heard of it? it came on my internet radio. it’s late 90s-early 20s dance classics, or so it says.

i’ve googled the lyrics and couldnt find anything online, and i cant find the song to download anywhere.

hoping someone here knows something about it. it’s very sexual

"drive it in real deep and hard"
i posted this same question on the forums at the internet radio site, and the owner of the place actually replied with a lengthy message about his songs, how he finds them, what they are, etc.

here is the part that might be helpful for someone on here who is interested in looking.

Dual Band was part of a promo cd compilation I received back in 1999 in Europe. In the early 90s, as a label, we formed our own distribution that enabled me to deal with exporters on every Continent, in over 200 countries so I had access to music, releases and versions that were not available as domestics in certain countiries, only imports. As a distributor I knew where to find anything at anytime on Earth. Safe Sex was a single I was handed about 10 years ago in Europe. Really have no idea if it was ever released.

Hope that give you some insight as to who we are here and what we bring to this table. We hope you enjoy it and if I can ever find a compilation that has the song on it, Ill forward you over the link