Anyone still use Limewire?

I have a computer specifically for downloading music and burning CD’s. Its an older comp, a four year old Dell and I use Limewire to download music. I have this computer specifically because I could give a fuck less if I happen to download any virus’s, its sole purpose is to download music and burn CD’s.

Alright. So, within the past month I’ve been noticing that whenever I open up limewire and start to search for music, I get no hits. Nothing. Not even the fake ass "Hot deals blah blah blah" ones. I mean, I get nothing. The program does its search, and nothing.

I find if I search for something I know should get a lot of hits, I usually search for N sync or lil wayne or some shit, something I know Limewire will have a lot of songs for. If I do that a couple times, then it’ll start getting hits and then I can do what Im searching for and find what I need.

But I would like to find a way to avoid this. OT. Have any suggestions?
Try using frostwire, vuze, or utorrent+and checkmark which songs you want to download.
I still use LW for the occasional song when I don’t feel like downloading its whole album by bittorrent (which I usually do). I haven’t experienced your dilemma per se. Mine has to go through a whole unproductive search before it even connects. Then it starts working.
Limewire is fail. You will get caught for downloading and sharing music…..maybe…

the fuck