Anyone heard of M83? Electronica/Rock mix sound

Saw him playing last night at the Fillmore after catching a blurb about it in the paper the night before. I picked up his first American released cd Dead Cities after hearing a song on a local radio station that would do an electronic music special every Saturday. That was 5 years ago and his style has changed quite a bit. His new stuff has a lot more instrumental sound to it now. The music is still very heavy though, but there are more songs that had an upbeat feel than I thought there would be. Kim+Jessie especially could be a radio song. Didn’t hear a single bad song through the whole set.

Skin of the Night



We Own the Sky

Amazing live
awesome sound… "graveyard girl" and "Up!" are my favorites.
saturdays = youth is an amazing album… haven’t listened that much to the other ones
I saw these guys supporting the midnight juggernauts, they are great live.

kim + jessie and graveyard girl are great.

Give Dead Cities a shot. It is a lot different, like I mentioned a lot more electronic sound to it. Same feel though, really dramatic. Not too many songs up on youtube unfortunately.



I think they are going to be around boston soon.

Actually I think I missed the show.

They are great though.
18 nov Boston, Middle East Downstairs

Yep Barely missed it.

I have the dead cities album. Pretty good stuff. I’ve never been a big fan of electronic music, but its ever so slowly growing on me.
a couple more choice tracks for the thread

before the dawn heals us is what got me hooked on them. dead cities, red seas & lost ghosts is really good too