Sci-Fi TV Series overviews

Thanks to a great idea from Hiero, I’ve decided to do some synopsis threads covering the major Science Fiction tv shows. Instead of sticking all of them, I’m making this one sticky, and I’ll update this post with links to the rest.

The plan is for there to eventually be one synopsis thread for every important scifi tv show, and that hopefully this will drum up interest in the subforum.

Post here or PM if you’re interested in doing one (not necessarily limited to the shows I list).
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Official We’re Alive: Zombiepodcast Discussion *Possible Spoilers*


A small riot in LA has spread past its containment. Three reserve soldiers are called to their deserted duty station. Believed to be the last remaining armed servicemen in the area, Michael, Angel, and Saul witness the true cause of the riot; people are starting to change and attack each other.
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Anyone still use Limewire?

I have a computer specifically for downloading music and burning CD’s. Its an older comp, a four year old Dell and I use Limewire to download music. I have this computer specifically because I could give a fuck less if I happen to download any virus’s, its sole purpose is to download music and burn CD’s.

Alright. So, within the past month I’ve been noticing that whenever I open up limewire and start to search for music, I get no hits. Nothing. Not even the fake ass "Hot deals blah blah blah" ones. I mean, I get nothing. The program does its search, and nothing.
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MICACHU AND THE SHAPES! and debate about experimental music genre….

I really dig this band. When I suggest it to people, they either really like it or really hate it….

Can the criticism that applies to contemporary visual art apply to this as well? Have musical standards gone out the window? What makes good music?

Anyone heard of this band? What do you think? The instruments aren’t fancy, the vocals usually aren’t staggering…but some of the songs are just so damn catchy….

Tell me what you think!

Mylene Sheath May newsletter

Hey guys!

Well, here we are nearly at the halfway point for 2009, so insane… it never ceases to amaze us how fast time flies. Make certain to take a couple days this month and reflect on what’s happening in your life because man, it could be something completely different tomorrow. So have a couple lazy days mixed in with the frenzy and enjoy the beautiful weather that May brings. Go on a bike ride with friends/lovers, go to the amusement park with the fam, hit up the outdoors with your pets. And be certain to listen to music that helps freeze the moment in your mind for eternity so that every time you hear that song you’re reminded of that beautiful day and it never ends.
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new emninem CD

I am not typically an eminem fan, but I am sort of feeling the new CD.

However, i am looking for a song that was released on, I cant find it. It doesn’t appear to be on his new album.

I dont remember any specific lyrics, but in the beginning eminem is really stressed out, and then halfway through a kind of ghastly figure starts talking shit to him, the ghastly figure has a deep voice, and may be his conscience/in his brain.

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